Miracles Are Possible

The intuitive sessions I do start with a body scan—Don’t tell me what’s going on beforehand so I can get a clean read!—and can incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils, herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and, especially, resonant touch. I support the body by releasing somatized trauma with loving allowance via the bodymind continuum. IMG_6106

Reversing Trauma

You probably know about physical traumas—those ski injuries, car accidents, or small but impactful bumps or twists that seemingly changed your body forever. Emotional and spiritual traumas can also get lodged in our bodies. We think these old injuries are the price we pay for getting older, but they don’t have to be. Acupressure, bodywork, and other types of energy medicine can reverse trauma, essentially un-winding the years to before you accumulated the issues.

Traumas create shock patterns. In the midst of a crisis, your body goes into lock down mode around the area of distress. When things are calmer or more normalized, your body may be able to clear the shock, but not always. Sometimes the shock pattern needs a particular kind of attention—resonant attention—in order to release and reset. Once the trauma is engaged with its resonant energy, the body’s natural healing reflexes kicks in. My work can seem miraculous, with rapid realignments toward health, but the process, at its core, is quite simple and natural. All I really do is support the body to release trauma and to heal.


I treat my friends and family out of my home in West Kingston, RI, an intimate setting that allows me to be in flow with my home-schooled son on our homestead.

This means that my office hours are limited by his away-time and I may have to cancel at the last minute. Right now, I’m generally seeing clients on Mondays through Wednesdays between 9:30am and 1:30pm. Sessions are 50 minutes and I offer them by gift. If you would like to make a return gift, I suggest a sliding scale of between $75 and $150. Your considerations might include your means, your feeling of value, and your desire to support my healing work.IMG_4071

Please get in touch with me by text at 828 450 1872 or via email at stella dot eisenstein at gmail dot com.


“Stella is a supremely warm, gifted healer, blessed with an almost mystical intuition to match her gentle, thoughtful techniques. With me, she used acupressure and gentle, loving touch after first checking in and listening to what my body and I had to say. Seeing her felt like a treasured gift to myself! …I cannot recommend Stella highly enough!” —Suzanne Selby Grenager, author of Bare Naked at the Reality Dance

“Kirin came out of his room this morning after yet another peaceful sleep. I asked him how his night was and he said, ‘Another great night, mom! I am going to have a happy life!’ This was, of course, followed with a big, adorable grin. He has been trouble free and focusing on his joy since your treatment. When you left, he was absolutely sure this was what he needed to do. None of the other ideas or strategies had made sense to him since most had caused a lot of anxiety. You are so gifted, Stella!” —Kelly Sabourin, Re-thinking Everything Conference partner

“I am so grateful for you and the bright light you are shining. You are so very gifted and I am blessed to have been in your professional care, with great results. What you do and what you have taught me about self healing is priceless.” —Marcia Mariner

“You are the most gifted healer I have ever known.” —Joy Rosenberg

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  1. Good afternoon Dr. Eisenstein,
    I met with Dr. Steinberg yesterday who did amazing work with my son. He referred me to you. My son has some defiant behaviors and aggressive outbursts, need for control and issues with regulating emotions. Wondering if you had openings to see and work with him. Thanks so much!

  2. 7 April

    Trying to make contact now that things are a bit safer..
    I don’t have phone or email for you.
    vin pelletier (brother)

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